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We invite you to follow in the footsteps of this legendary writer while on the specially-themed Agatha Christie tour.

The famous Agatha Christie, who needs no introduction, absolutely adored Istanbul and regularly stayed in this beautiful city during the 20th century. In fact, one of her most famous mystery novels Murder on the Orient Express was inspired and written in Istanbul. The charms that moved the world-famous author are evident in the city to this day.

In this tour of Art Deco, Prosecco, & Agatha Christie you will visit the Orient Express Station where the Orient train used to arrive all the way from Paris. Here, in the Orient Express Restaurant, you will enjoy a cup of strong Turkish coffee – just like the author herself used to do back in the day.

After that, we will continue to visit the most iconic places from the 19th and 20th centuries, decorated with art nouveau and art deco details, and rich with stories about the rhythm and the atmosphere of those days in Istanbul. While exploring the streets that reminisce about those days, we will have a stop at the authentic and one of the oldest wine restaurants in the city to enjoy a glass of quality local wine.

You will finish your Agatha Christie tour at the legendary and atmospheric Pera Palace Hotel, the one that Agatha Christie used to stay at regularly. Here you will enjoy delicious and bubbly prosecco accompanied by live background piano music. This restaurant not only has historic importance but is also famous for its talented chef. The restaurant’s tea lounge has been included in the Michelin Guide’s recommended restaurants list 2023. 

This private Art Deco, Prosecco, & Agatha Christie Tour is conducted at a comfortable pace and tailored to your wishes!

What's special about "Art Deco, Prosecco, & Agatha Christie Tour"

  • Enjoy a glass of Prosecco at Agatha Christie's beloved historical tea lounge

  • Visit the station where Orient Express train used to come all the way from Paris

  • Walk through the places that inspired Christie's writings

  • Taste local Turkish quality wine in the historical wine bar

  • See where Agatha Christie used to stay while visiting Istanbul

What's included

Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Guided by a professional passionate guide
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Prosecco, Turkish coffee and glass of wine
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Small hand picked bites
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
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About this experience

Agatha Christie left us with over  66 novels and 14 collections of short stories. Nevertheless, there is one more story that is less dwelled upon, and that is the story of her life. On this tour, we will take a glimpse at it while exploring the beloved places by the world-best-selling author here in Istanbul. Agatha Christie used to visit the city regularly between 1926 and 1932. Istanbul’s streets and neighborhoods are filled with sites that inspired her writings.

During the tour, you will discover many spots that found their place in Agatha’s novels: a magical train station dating back to the 19th century, restaurants and passages dating to those times, and, of course, the very hotel where the author used to stay and has written one of her most well-known works – Murder on the Orient Express.  You will enjoy the afternoon high tea with a glass of prosecco in the very tea lounge where Agatha used to spend her afternoons and toy with some of her most extraordinary story ideas. 

Many architects agree that Agatha Christie left a footprint not only on literature but that she also played a role in the wide popularity of the Art Deco style. You might have noticed that most people are able to name a few of the main features of Art Deco architecture fairly easily: the curved corners, stylized forms, or the use of bakelite and chrome. It is believed that it is due to Agatha Christie’s eccentric Belgian detective,  Monsieur Hercule Poirot, who was brought to life by the talented author during the golden era of Art Deco.

Many television and film adoptions of captivating novels brought back the Art Deco style and made it so familiar and beloved by the general public. During our Art Deco, Prosecco, & Agatha Christie Tour, you will find traces of Art Deco and Art Nouveau everywhere around the streets where Agatha Christie spent her days in Istanbul.

This private tour is conducted at a comfortable pace and tailored to your wishes!


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Art Deco, Prosecco, & Agatha Christie Tour

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