Bosphorus Bliss: A Private Yacht in Istanbul with Wine Picnic Elegance

Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
2 hours
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Private tour:
Private Yacht Bosphorus Tour
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Meeting Point:
Galata Port


Embarking on a two-hour private yacht in Istanbul voyage where luxury gracefully meets the captivating allure of the Bosphorus. This exclusive experience promises not just a journey through a historic waterway but an immersive exploration of opulence, elevated by the picturesque backdrop of Istanbul’s iconic skyline.

Your private yacht in Istanbul includes a wine picnic basket created by a professional sommelier. The basket is full with local treats and delicious Turkish wine selected just for you. Embark on a gastronomic voyage that embraces the rich tapestry of local flavors, weaving together the essence of the region’s vineyards into an unforgettable experience. Carefully selected local wine based on your preferences takes center stage, a testament to the terroir, climate, and expertise of Turkish winemakers. Whatever you prefer: from the robust reds of Cappadocia, echoing the warmth of its sun-soaked landscapes, to the crisp whites hailing from the Aegean coast, every sip transports you to the very heart of Turkey’s viticultural diversity. Paired harmoniously with artisanal cheeses and gourmet delights sourced from local markets, this basket is a celebration of the country’s culinary heritage. As you unfold the wicker lid, you’re not just unveiling a picnic; you’re embarking on a sensory journey that encapsulates the soul of the region, transforming each bite and sip into a celebration of Turkey’s winemaking prowess and the art of refined indulgence.

What's included

Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Handpicked Quality Wine (1 bottle per 2 guests)
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Paired Local Bites
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Private Yacht

About this experience

Embark on a journey of opulence and serenity with “Bosphorus Bliss: A Private Yacht in Istanbul with Wine Picnic Elegance.” Delight in a two-hour excursion along the illustrious Bosphorus aboard your exclusive private yacht, treating yourself to unparalleled vistas of Istanbul’s skyline and historic landmarks.

Indulge your senses as you glide through the tranquil waters, accompanied by the gentle melodies of live music that set the perfect tone for relaxation and romance. Savor the flavors of Istanbul with a meticulously crafted wine picnic basket, featuring an exquisite selection of local bites expertly paired with a bottle of fine wine for every two guests.

Experience the epitome of luxury aboard your private yacht, reveling in the intimacy of the moment and the splendor of Istanbul’s panoramic views. Whether commemorating a special occasion or simply seeking a moment of indulgence, Bosphorus Bliss promises an enchanting escape where elegance, sophistication, and culinary delight converge amidst the captivating allure of the Bosphorus.


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