3 Charming City Wineries: wine tastings in Istanbul

Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
3 hours
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Private tour:
Wine Tastings in Istanbul


Turkey is unique for its centuries-old wine-making traditions. Wine tastings in Istanbul is just a perfect thing to experience while visiting Turkey!

Boutique wineries are scattered throughout the country offering its wine lovers a wide variety of local grapes, an enormous range of aroma notes, and flavors in their quality wine. We welcome you on wine tastings in Istanbul hosted by an American wine expert and award-winning writer on Turkish wines. You will taste the different local wines from all around the country paired with delicious bites! What is more, you will discover authentic wineries and restaurants with the best local wine collections in town.

This wine tasting walk from our collection of outstanding wine tastings in Istanbul is private and can be easily adjusted to your wishes!

What's special about "3 Charming City Wineries: wine tastings in Istanbul"

  • A professional sommelier and an award winning writer on wine is hosting this experience!

  • Visit charming city wineries to taste delicious quality local wines

  • Learn about Turkey's wine making traditions

  • Enjoy small bites accompanying your tastings

  • Discover all about Turkey's wine regions

What's included

Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Hosted by a Professional Sommelier
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Tasting of handpicked 6 local wines
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Local bites accompanying the tasting
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey

About this experience

It is not widely known, but historians believe that Turkey is the birthplace of wine-making culture worldwide. The country is populated with wineries from the sunny Turkish Riviera in the South to the Anatolian villages in the East. Wine-making traditions have been cherished in the country for centuries and persisted as an entangled layer in its culture despite its cultural and political dynamics.

Different climate conditions, soil, and intensity of the sun enable to cultivate a vast variety of local grapes that allow local winemakers to create authentic, delicious, and innovative wines. From boutique wineries across the country, the tasty local wine travels to wine bars and restaurants in Istanbul. Here they compete for the most exclusive and original wine menus. Enjoy the entire spectrum of Turkish wines during your private wine tastings in Istanbul with us.

Local charming wineries of Istanbul have been beloved by its residents for hundreds of years. On this private wine-tasting walk you will visit three of the very special ones that represent different generations. Your private and professional sommelier will select the wines based on your preferences, reveal the Turkish wine-making mysteries and secrets, and, of course, help you to discover your favorite local Turkish grape!

This is a private experience so it is conducted at a comfortable pace and can be easily tailored to your wishes!

Vines & Pearls is committed to bringing outstanding wine tastings in Istanbul to the central stage of your travel experience! In order to make it extra special, we only work with certified wine professionals in Turkey. This way we can ensure quality and great service for you! Our sommeliers are knowledgeable about local Turkish grapes, differences between wine making regions and wine-food pairings.

We promise you will enjoy the quality tasting experience, and great company and get to learn about centuries old wine making culture in Turkey that not many yet discovered. What is more the itinerary of this route speaks for the love of wine among the locals! You will discover one of the oldest wine restaurants in the city and get to know its origins, then you will visit beloved local wine bar that offers an outstanding menu by the glass. And to end this wine tasting walk, you will explore the beautiful wine celer that offers great wines and food menu. This wine tasting is accompanied by small bites and snacks along the way!

Let us reassure you, that our wine experts will be able to recommend which local wines best fit your preferences and give you tools and understanding how to select the right wines that you can continue to enjoy during the rest of your stay


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3 Charming City Wineries: wine tastings in Istanbul

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