Fine Dining Afternoon in 3 Historical Venues: culinary tours in Istanbul

Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
4 hours
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Private tour:
Coulinary Tours in Istanbul


If you are looking for outstanding culinary tours in Istanbul – this experience is for you!

The elegance of a meal is hidden in subtle details, it is built around good taste not only in the mastery of a chef but very much in the ambulance of a place. Historic Istanbul has beautiful venues turned into great restaurants. Why not visit the best of them?

On this exclusive culinary tour in Istanbul by Vines & Pearls, we will visit the charming entire century-old restaurant on the sides of the old bazaar, recognized by Michelin guide 2024 & 2023.

We will step into the ancient cisterns that used to serve Sultan’s palace with water and today serve great food to the guests of a restaurant established on its premises. And for the final stop, climb the roofs of historical Hamam to appreciate the mastery of a chef recognized by Michelin guide 2024 & 2023.

The tasting journey through the three historical places will reveal Turkish cuisine in a different light, elevated by the mastery of great chefs. We promise it’s going to be phenomenally delicious! This is one of the most memorable culinary tours in Istanbul with great food and charming venues.

What's special about "Fine Dining Afternoon in 3 Historical Venues: culinary tours in Istanbul"

  • The most delicious afternoon you can imagine! The tour starting times are between 13-15

  • Visit three historical venues magic with their charms and skills of the chefs

  • One fine dinning experience in three magical venues

  • Three glasses of wine are included in the menu

  • Menu includes: Cold & Hot Starters, Main, a Dessert and a cup of coffee

What's included

Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Guided by a professional and passionate guide
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
3 glasses of quality local wine
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Menu: cold starter, hot starter, main, dessert and coffee
Vines and Pearls Tours in Turkey
Walking tour

About this experience

This culinary experience is hosted by passionate and professional foody guides. It is not just a food tour as you will get to see and experience the ambulance of historical venues, hear their authentic stories, and explore the city’s culture.

The menu includes:

  • Tasting of cold starters
  • Tasting of hot starters
  • Main
  • Dessert
  • 3 glasses of quality local wines
  • Strong and delicious Turkish coffee

This is a private fine dining experience that can be adjusted to your diet and preferences. The restaurants are located at a comfortable walking distance from one another, just keep in mind that there is a slight uphill walk for about 10 minutes.

Vines & Pearls is committed to bringing the best and most authentic parts of culture to the central stage of your traveling experience. While visiting Turkey – one of the most outstanding gourmet destinations we want to invite you to one of a kind gastronomic experience.

Our private culinary tours in Istanbul are created with love and expertise from our professional guides in the city. The menu is designed by great and recognized chefs, but what is more it also reflects the Turkish culinary traditions and is meant to provide you with insights to the secrets of a local kitchen through the fine dining lens.

The dining ritual during this tour will also follow Turkish dining traditions. We will start with cold appetizers accompanied by light-bodied wine, then we will taste hot starters paired with a glass of local wine – hot starters are commonly served during Turkish dinners.

Now it is the time to have the pleasure to savor the main course made from local ingredients. There are meat, fish, and vegetarian options available. After enjoying the main course with yet another excellent glass of wine we will follow the tradition of the locals and end our meal with the outstanding Turkish sweet flavors prepared by the greatest chefs. You guessed it right – it’s time for the sweet tasting – dessert accompanied by a strong Turkish coffee.

There are many culinary tours in Istanbul but this one is like no other! Kindly send us a message if you have any inquiries or questions – we are here to help!


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